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Are looking for an excellent SEO and SMM service with your affordable price, then we are your best choice. is the best SEO services Toronto, We have an adaptable and skillful team of passionate SEO specialists who use industry proven methods and strategies to deliver high quality targeted traffic to your website and achieve your goal. this is very necessary to know how your website will be rank on top listed search engine. Million of website existing on the live but few of them are in good shape because they don’t know to optimize a website properly.In the World Wide Web, all business success depends on organic Search Engine Optimization. Organic service can rank your site for a long term. No one can able to drop your website quickly. Our expert can create good quality content and high-quality relevant back-link for your website. Only high-quality back-link and quality content can be rank your website on search engine. If you think, you want to run a new online business, then we are ready to build a new website for you. A successful website can increase your sell. Before a good sale, you need to rank your website. To rank a website you need professional SEO expert. We are ready to work with you. So come to us and make a high-quality profitable business website with us.

SEO & Marketing Services

SEO & Marketing Services

Online business (e-commerce) relies on the design of the website or blog for maximum sales. Better designs translate into higher sales.

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For what reason you need an SEO Service Provider?

At the modern time of business/marketing, every business organization has a website to share information all over the world. If you want to establish your website at the top of search engine, then you need an SEO Adviser. An SEO expert can rank your website organically. This work is not an easy to for all. You need to work hard and continually for rank.As an IT firm in Toronto, we know all search engine algorithm and secret method to rank a website. So we can organic and quick process to rank a website within the very short period and reach your targeted audience to see your service or whatever it is. If you aren’t able to grab your potential clients the how your targeted clients then how you can sell your service? You must be remembered that before buying any product your customer must be judgment what he would like to buy from you.As an IT company, we can say Million of the website in the virtual world but few of them are ranked in the top of Search Engine and they are doing business successfully and able to sustain the internet world. So if your website is not visible on top of the search engine you never expect the satisfactory sale and revenue. So you need to select right SEO adviser or service who can able to make your business meaningful.

Why you choose our team?

We have an experienced and talented team of passionate SEO specialists, who use industry proven methods and strategies to deliver high-quality service. We know about search engine algorithm and how search engine work. Now Google uses more than 200 ranking factor. So it’s not an easy job to do. We always updated and apply the proper method for ranking. We have 5+ Years of experience in SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM. We have done many local and international project in the meanwhile. We believe in quality not quantity.We always tried to take care our every client whatever he has small or big budget SEO project. So why you are waiting for? let to get the better SEO service from World Class SEO professional for your website.

Our Services

We basically offer you below types of SEO Service

What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is a powerful way to market your business online. Sometimes people just know your business name but don’t know your phone number or address. Or they may know the certain type of enterprise, exists at a location but need to discover the name. They may need to check your business hour, find driving direction. When people search for this kind of information, local SEO helps the search engine provide it to them via Search Engine Result pages. It helps business promote their product and services to local customers at the exact time they are looking for them.

What is Global SEO?

Global on International SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can easily optimize or rank Global. If you want to start a business or sell service are targeting a worldwide audience, and you sell and ship product worldwide then you should consider doing global SEO.

What is on page SEO?

It’s a basic level and most important fact of SEO. It is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank high and earn more relevant traffic in the search engine. If you want to rank your website any search engine, then you must do properly on page SEO. Without do properly on page SEO, then you never do reach your goal. On page refer to both the content and HTML source code of a page that can be optimized. On page, SEO has more important fact below I share some important fact about on page SEO.

Unique Content

Unique and valuable content is always useful for search engine and reader. High-quality content will turn visitors into sell.Before writing a good content you must be follow facts

  • Use your audience’s language, and provide the information they are actually looking for.
  • Always tried to write long content ( 1000+ words), the long content tens to rank better in an organic result.
  • When you know your readers and their buyer journeys, your content can point them to more of what they want.
  • Always write Simple/ Clear/ Coherent, Concrete, Valid, Emotional, Inspiring, Educational, Relevant, Depp, Trustworthy content and tried to be a good presenter.
  • Make sure the language in neither too simple nor full of industry jargon.
  • Use short paragraphs, callous. bold text, bullet points, quotes, numbered list and so on to make the text easy on the eyes and easy to digest quickly.
  • Uses strong titles and use H1, H2 tags in your article.
  • Before writing an article you must check keyword and user intent research.
  • Make sure use of the keyword in the URL and post Title.

Internal Link and Outbound Link

Now a modern-day internal and outbound links are too much important, link carry the most weight in your SEO. The actual practice of earning links is part of your off page SEO. Use additional content marketing, email outreach and other creative ways to build links back to your site. If you include a new link on your homepage, it becomes easier for Google to see that you have updated your site with fresh content than crawling the entire site for the new material. The benefit of internal links is giving your audience further options to stay on your site. The more engagement to relevant pages, the more Google takes notice.

Meta Descriptions

A well-written meta description can generate a competitive advantage in the search results, creating a higher click-through rate with a greater chance of conversions.  While there is a possibility that Google will omit the custom description and pull an excerpt of the content on the page, it is recommended that you fill in the meta description for every page of your site. For desktop, users will see up to 200 characters, while on mobile they’ll be shown up to 172 characters. To appeal to users on both devices, keep your description between 165 and 175 characters.Clearly, outline what users will find on the page. Add your brand name and sprinkle in a keyword or two if they don’t sound forced. This is the first interaction many visitors have with your brand. Make it welcoming.

Meta Tags ​

Meta tags are used to provide search engines with information about your page. To achieve high rankings, it has to do with relevance and use satisfaction, but including custom meta tags with influence users and increase your click-through rate.

Title Tag

The title tag outlines what the page is about. When ranking web pages for particular queries, Google looks at the title tag and compares that to the rest of the content of the page.

Heading Tag

The article on your landing page or blog should include multiple heading tags. from the h1 down to a potential h6. The most important is the h1. You should never have more than one h1 tag on any page, but you can use as subheading H2, H3, H4. Use the headings to represent the different section of the page.

Optimize your Images

upload any images of your page/ post or article then rename your upload image and write proper name of your image.Don’t stuff your keywords into alt tags.

Mobile Responsive and Site Speed

If you want to do properly on page SEO to improve, your website need to be mobile friendly and responsive in 2017. A responsive website provides the attractive experience for your brand.Over 45% of users are spending their time browsing and searching on mobile devices. So it’s too much important that your website is responsive. On the other hand website loading speed is another most relevant issue for on page SEO. In today’s technology age, speed is essential. We don’t want to wait. If a page isn’t loading right away, we find another website that will. So when webpage need to more loading them then visitor close this web. So it’s increase your bounce rate and if your bounce rate is 70% then it’s harmful for SEO.

What is off page SEO ?

Off page seo refers to action taken outside of your own website to impact your ranking withing search engine result pages ( Source ). Optimizing for off page ranking factor involves improving search engine and user perception of a site’s popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority. The off page seo is not just about back link. It goes deeper than that. For example, brand mentions are an integral aspect of off page search signal. Basically, building backlinks is at the main fact of off page SEO. Create high quality backlink and improve your website ranking. Without quality backlink you website never rank on Search Engine.On-page SEO happens within the site, while off-page SEO happens outside the site. If you leave a blog comment or write a guest post for another blog and give your website link, then you are doing off page SEO and create backlink. There are 3 main types of link

Natural Link

When you blog or article is too much helpful and people read to love your blog then people editorially given link without any action.

Manually Build Link

It’s a link that acquired thought deliberate link-building activities. This icludes things like getting customers to link to your website.

Self created link

We help you with classic designs that help you to pass a message or describe your products or services using graphic illustrations. The way maps appear on Google maps is an example of info graphics. Sparkalant designers efficiently deliver info graphic designs to our clients to help you describe a process or pass a message which is difficult to express by texts alone.

Mobile app design

Sparkalant’s workforce is up to date with the ever changing designs of mobile phone applications. Whether the application is android or apple based, we give the best designs in the market.

There are some tactics of off page SEO, below I share it.

Active on Social Network

Create account on some popular social networking website, such as Facebook, twitter, Google +, YouTube then regularly share your content on this site. It’s a powerful way to find your targeted audience and meet them.

Always Active on Blogging

Regular article post one of the most effective way to ranking website. If you update your blog regularly then you see an effective result on SERP.

Active on Forum

There is a lot of forum where you can gather do follow back links. Create some friends on forum and start a topic about your website keyword. Some forum allow do follow signature.

Search Engine Submission

Submission your website on different search engine, This will add some extra points for your website.

Do Some Social Bookmarking

Do some social bookmarking using white hat method. It’s an another important way to gave more power to your websites. Do not do spam on social bookmarking site. Only work with some high PA/DA does follow social bookmarking site.

Article Submission

Submission your article in high PR article submission directory. You can also give links to your website. Make sure your content is unique and of high quality. Low quality content and keyword stuffing might get rejected.

Participate QA website

It’s one of the best way to get high quality targeted traffic is form QA website. Join high PA/DA or popular QA site and search questions related to your business, blog or website and give clear answers to these question. Most of site supported do-follow link. So you can get powerful link and target traffic from QA website.

Video Submission

Create a video that related your business / blog then submission high ranking video submission site. If your video is unique and viral type then you can get millions of traffic from it. It is one of the most popular way to get high quality back links because all video submission website have high PA/DA.

Image and Infographics Submission

Share your photos on popular image submission website, Before submitting your images please optimize them with the correct URL and title tag. On the other hand, you can create unique Infographics that related your business or blog. Now a day, Infographics are getting popular on the internet. Submit your Infographics on Infographics submission site and give reference links to your webpage or blog. Some infographics site is free and some of paid. So if you use paid method then you can quickly increase your ranking.

Document Shairing Sites

Submission your article in high PR article submission directory. You can also give links to your website. Make sure your content is unique and of high quality. Low quality content and keyword stuffing might get rejected.

You need to be careful when you ready to link building. Do not spam. If you face any problem then contact Sparkalant . We would love to hear from you.

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